Wednesday, 12 March 2014


In February we had a lot of activities.

Girls decorated the library with paper hearts. Then they made a box for love letters. In it pupils from our school put letters for a boy or a girl they like. On Valentine's Day girls distributed letters.


 After that we read love poems.
For end of our project we had a reciting competition.
Eight schoolgirls participated in the competition.
The winner was Martina Golubić from class 7.b.


In January we had two meetings.

Elena, Bojana, Marta and Marija read poems and a story written by pupils from Greece and Poland.


On the second meeting we read winter poems.

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Love Poems

A.   Konstantinos Kalligeris
What is love?
What is its meaning?
Love is something different
Or something special
What does anybody feel or think about it?
It’s unique.
Everybody feels it a different way.
Love is giving
Space from your heart
To the other.
Love is peering yourself
Through the other’s eyes.
Love is giving everything
For love
Without thinking pros and cons.
But above all love is
Not choosing whom
You love!

B.   Marialena Kokli
Among many there is something in common
Red coloured key of life
Cause life is meaningless without it
Cause when you fall, you’ll stand up with the help of it
Cause when you get wet, you’ll be protected by it
Cause when you feel sad, you’ll be made laugh
With the help of it.
Lively colours, vigorous, sweet dreams, memories,
Real feelings
Just one

C.   Stelios Kladas
Love is a feeling
Love is a way of life
Not making sense
Without it.
Once you may love,
Once you may be loved
You may be hurt
But don’t give up.

I had a love once
Being jealoused of by
Gods and angels
I had a love once
Being jealoused of
By others.

Friday, 7 March 2014

Our last meeting - second group from Poland

On 3rd March 2014 there was the last meeting in the eTwinning project "Literary Cafe". The theme of the meeting was the Valentine's Day, and Julia Suliga was a leader of this meeting. She prepared several attractions for the guests game such as "Familiada" thematically related to Valentine's Day, a quiz about famous pairs and the contest "Name that tune" The most interesting point of the program was prepared by the students. It was a short show in English, of course about love. There was a lot of laugh and fun and as always we could eat delicious cakes and dring fabulous tea. 
Julia Suliga - the narrator and director
Julia Kurzak
Lena Staszek
Bartek Kołacz

Here's a shortcut to the major points of the meeting:

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Our meeting in February - first group from Poland

On 14th February 2014 the reading room was filled up with valentine’s day decorations and sweets in the shapes of hearts. The last meeting of the first eTwinning group was full of attractions connected with Valentine’s Day. Wiktoria Rok started the meeting in her Cupid’s costume and she told us about Valentine’s Day. Ania Pilarska prepared a quiz, connected with Valentine’s Day, which was the second part of the programme. The questions were quite difficult so we didn’t know who would win until the last moment. Finally Dominik Janus won the quiz. A play „A crane and a heron“, was a surprise for invited guests. The play was set by the members of School’s Youth Drama Group: Aleksandra Grzyb (a heron), Ksenia Opyrchał (a narrator) and Dominik Janus (a crane). There was o lot of laugh as young actors passionately played their roles. Wiktora Rok, Kamila Wędzyńska, Ksenia Opyrchał, Wojciech Kleciek, Dominik Janus and Mrs Agnieszka Kuźnik read love poems. The last point of the meeting was a multimedia quiz about love couples in literature, and a popular „hangman“ game, where you had to guess the titles of the books in which these couples were introduced. Dominik Janus was the winner again, and Kamila Wędzyńska didn’t become a hangman. Wojtek Kleciek gave lollypops to everybody what was a nice surprise.

We’re really sorry that this is the end of the project but our literary meetings, which are the tradition in our school, will be held from time to time.

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Our meeting in January - two groups from Poland

On 17th January 2014 there was our next winter meeting according to the e-twinning project.
Two grups of pupils attended in this meeting: the first group from the second class and another from the first class. We were talking about Grandmother and Grandfather Days – very unusual festivals in our country. Two pupils ( Joanna Bogusławska and Roksana Gajek ) wore  grandparents' costiums. 

Roksana and Joanna

Firstly, Ania Pilarska told everyone about this special event and Julia Pacan was reading christmas story, which was written by a group of girls from the second class. Wiktoria Rok was reading a christmas story, that we received from our friendly school in Croatia.

Afterwards, we were watching a fabulous play about cups. It was acted by Roksana Gajek, Kaja Nowicka, Lena Staszek, Klaudia Szwej, Julia Kurzak and Wiktor Bernacki. We had  a great time!!

During this meeting we were drinking tea and eating delicious cakes. There were special ornaments on our table, such as paper christmas trees and paper moustaches made by Joanna Bogusławska.

Slajdzik made by Lena
Next and the last meeting will be organised in February, which topic will be St. Valentines Day.
I can't wait!!!!!

Friday, 20 December 2013

Christmas meeting in Zawiercie - second group

Our winter meeting was on 17th December. We gathered in the school library, as always. 

Pupils were talking about Christmas traditions and singing English and german version of a carol called “Silent night”.

There was also a competition for the best Christmas decoration, that was made at home earlier.

provided by

What’s more we played some Christmas games and had a great time drinking tea and eating delicious cakes and gingerbreads.